Billy Jack Wills Show


Gateway To Hollywood - December 21, 1939


Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 191-200


Spotlight Bands series

Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 11-20


Spotlight Bands series

Bob And Ray 49 07 18 Fiction Is Truther Than Strange

The script gets mixed up for this episode of "Linda Lovely".  A couple of stories to show that Truther is Stranger than Ficti…

Bob and Ray New York Years 3

From cassettes

Chrome Yellow Death

It's A Crime Mr. Collins

"Commercials added locally. Mr. and Mrs. Collins are in tropical Argentina, where they find death by "bolas"(some kind of wea…

Fred Allen Texaco Star Theater 42 05 24 ( 72) Vaudeville

Fred spends time ribbing the latest Jack Benny show.  News of the Week. Portland tells of her picnic with mama at the race track. Guest…

Danny Kaye 45 10 26 Jack Benny Substitutes

While Danny is overseas entertaining the troops, Jack and his gang guest host the show. After Jack returns home from watching a Danny Kaye m…

Ethel & Albert OTR Recreation 1975

This is a recording transferred from cassette recorded at a special recreation of Peg Lynch's Ethel & Albert. The program was specially …



A night's-worth of old time radio entertainment from the month of June.  Bob Hope & Bing Crosby, Jack Paar, Ronald Colman, Cavalcad…

The Whistler 46 01 28 The Strange Sisters

The tale of three sisters, one who inherited their fathers money, and another who manipulates the third one into helping plan the murder of …

X Minus One 560605 054 Project Mastadon

(5 MIN OF NEWS AT END) The tale of time travel and the possibilities of setting up a colony in prehistoric America.

Your Hit Parade 1944 05 06

This is a 45 minute show of Your Hit Parade from May 6, 1944, which included Frank Sinatra. The show would count down the top hits of the da…

Bob and Ray WOR 130 September 07, 1973


These files are hosted at the Internet Archive - Please go to that site. Folks should be cauti…

Bob and Ray WOR 135 September 14, 1973


These files are hosted at the Internet Archive - Please go to that site. Mary Backstage - Not …

Bob and Ray WOR 801 April 01, 1976


Thursday, April 01, 1976 Mary returns to the hotel. 0:00 - An tempting intro to the show, featuring a well-stocked buffet. 1:00 - Charlie Ch…

R3 Interview with The Storyteller at The House of Toast


One of the Toasters runs into the StoryTeller and gets a reading

Bob & Ray Final NPR Series 22 January 1987

A show from the final NPR series by Bob & Ray

Bob & Ray Final NPR Series 8 January 1987

Show from their final NPR series

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