Kaltenmyer's Kindergarten


December 1936

lorenzo Jones


10 episdoes of lorenzo jones.comedy,soap opera

Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 161-170


Spotlight Bands series

Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 201-210


Spotlight Bands series

Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands 211-220


Spotlight Bands series

Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands


Benny Goodman 41-12-05

Bob And Ray 49 12 21 A Visit With Santa's Helpers

Through the magic of radio, Bob and Ray visit the North Pole to interview one of Santa's helpers. Mary McGoon has gift and dinner suggestion…

Bob And Ray November 30 1956


Another of the amazing files from the west coast! This file is the sixth of a group of digitized shows received at The House of Toast. There…

Bob and Ray: Wally Ballou with Harold Lassie the cranberry man

Wallly Ballou covers a fast-breaking news story in Times Square from the "Bob and Ray: The Two and Only" Original Broadway Cast Al…

Fred Allen Show 48 05 23 Fred Wants To Do Bings Life Story

Fred tries to convince Bing Crosby to make a movie of his life.

Count Basie Birdland 1 9 56

Count Basie

Count Basie Birdland NYC 1-9-56 Radio Broadcast

Hammer 211

Night Watch

"CBS net. Sustaining. The first call is about a liquor store hold-up. The clerk is attacked by a man with a hammer. A marijuana leaf is…

Duffy's Tavern 44 01 04 Fred Allen

Fred Allen visits the Tavern, where Duffy and Archie scheme to get Fred to MC a pig roast.

2. Komodo dragon expert; Gabe Preston phones in

from "Bob and Ray: The Two and Only" OBC (1970)

Recollections At 30 with Ginger Rogers and Judy Garland


Items recorded in the 1930s, compiled and re-broadcast together in 1956 for NBC's celebration of its 30th year of broadcasting. Hosted …

Smashing Dope Ring

Blue Beetle

"Episodes 1 and 2. While trying to arrest a dope peddler selling medical marihuana cigarettes, Police Officer Dan Garrett [who is secre…

Bob and Ray WOR 786 March 11, 1976


Thursday, March 11, 1976 In La Scala opera house, testing their voices 0:00 Roger Skibenes introduces the boys, who give a rundown of the sh…

Bob and Ray WOR 791 March 18, 1976


Thursday, March 18, 1976 Back at hotel Next Episode: 0:00 Roger Skibenes introduces the boys, who…

Bob and Ray WOR 796 March 25, 1976


Thursday, March 25, 1976 0:00 - Intro by Roger Skibenes, talk of what's coming up, then an interview with Mrs. Constance Metzger, who bears …

Bob And Ray 1957 Summer AFRTS 487


Bob and Ray 1957 Summer '57 AFRTS No 487  14 minutes in length Theme song-high female voice The duo visit the DIY'er Fred Falby who exp…

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