1946 WCCO Stay At Home Campaign


Polio outbreaks in the United States in the summer of 1946 were at an all-time high. In Minneapolis, Minnesota there was a voluntary quarant…

Anderson Family


Old Time Radio Programs, The Anderson Family




Duffy's Tavern

Ed Gardner

The famous radio dive and its malaproprietor in some of its Christmas episodes.

Mayor Of The Town Page 3


3 episodes of mayor of the town

Radio Naija 1989

It was not me-oh!

Assorted Regional Broadcasts from Nigeria in May and early June, 1989

Request Performance


Episodes of the old-time radio variety series "Request Performance".

Studio X


Old Time Radio Programs, Studio X (?1948?)

The Legionnaire and The Lady

Radio Theatre Group

Radio Theatre group's production of The Legionnaire and The Lady - recorded live at The Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow on February 28th 2007



This true story, taken from the journal of Australian Army nursing sister Agnes Betty, describes her capture by the Japanese Imperial Army, …



The biggest names in Hollywood and Broadway recorded for AFRS during the war years, The American Forces Network can trace its origins back t…

Nick Carter Radio Serials

The old time radio series "Nick Carter, Master Detective" had a short run as a serialized adventure. Few of these episodes exist.

The Roy Rogers Show 45 05 08 The Legend Of Pecos Bill

Guest starring is motion picture villain Porter Hall. Western music from Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers, the Farr Brothe…

What Are We Fighting For 42 04 16 Your Enemies, The Fascists

U.S. anti-Fascist propaganda produced and broadcast in 1942, for American servicemen.

Jack Benny - I Stand Condemned

Never Trust A Mysterious Stranger The Lucky Strike Program - I Stand Condemned January 19th, 1947 Apparently, Jack Benny had never heard the…

CBS Radio Mystery Theater 74 02 22 The Horla

The story of a writer believed to be going insane, and claims that he is being possessed by an evil force he calls the Horla, that attacks h…

Dimension X 50 07 14 The Man In The Moon

During a broadcast by the Federal Bureau of Missing Persons, a signal breaks in by a scientist calling for help who had been reported missin…

Lux Radio Theater 55 02 08 War Of The Worlds

What was at first thought to be a meteor, turns out to be the first alien craft from Mars bent on destroying the human race. Starring Dana A…

Sherlock Holmes 45 05 21 The Paradol Chamber

Watson is persuaded by his wife to view a demonstration of a machine that its inventor claims can transport anything to anywhere, by way of …

Sherlock Holmes 45 11 19 The Double Zero

Holmes and Watson are enjoying a vacation at a French casino when they discover some suspicious suicides.

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