War & Military

Nothing of Importance

Read by Lee Smalley

John Bernard Pye Adams

Fighting in France during the Great War, Bernard Adams, an officer with a Welsh battalion, was moved to chronicle what he saw and experience…

The Fringes Of The Fleet

Read by David Wales

Rudyard Kipling

During the war (WWI), [Kipling] wrote a booklet The Fringes of the Fleet containing essays and poems on various nautical subjects of the war…

The Sinking of the ''Merrimac''

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

Richmond Pearson Hobson

During the Spanish-American War, Naval Constructor Hobson U.S.N. devised a plan to scuttle a ship in the channel leading to Santiago harbor …

Guelphs and Ghibellines: A Short History of Mediaeval Italy from 1250-1409

Read by Pamela Nagami

Oscar Browning

The High Middle Ages in Italy, 1250-1409, were a time of incessant strife between rival city-states, some the Ghibelline allies of the Holy …

The Making of the British Empire (A.D. 1714-1832)

Read by Pamela Nagami

Arthur Hassall

At its height, the British Empire was the largest in history. This short volume traces its development through the long 18th century, from 1…

The History of England, from the Accession of James II - (Volume 4, Chapter 22)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Thomas Babington Macaulay

This is volume 4 chapter 22 of a series of books written by the Baron Macaulay (1800-1859) in the 19th century. It starts with a brief resum…

A Son of the Gods and A Horseman in the Sky

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Ambrose Bierce

Two short stories from the American Civil War by Ambrose Bierce. The first story is about a brave soldier who follows orders and risks his l…

The Cellar-House of Pervyse

Read by Expatriate

Mairi Chisholm

Mairi Chisholm and Elsie Knocker were two British nurses and ambulance drivers whose staggeringly heroic efforts during World War I saved co…

The English Restoration and Louis XIV: From the Peace of Westphalia to the Peac…

Read by Pamela Nagami

Osmund Airy

In this trim volume the British historian, Osmund Airy writes of the period between 1648 and 1679 when Cardinal Mazarin, having concluded th…

A Short History of Germany

Read by VioletBleu

Mary Platt Parmele

Mary Platt Parmele brings to life the history of Germany and its rise to prominence in Europe. From scheming nobles to treaties created unde…

Who Burnt Columbia?

Read by David Wales

Augustine T. Smythe

This LibriVox reading consists of selections from depositions in a lawsuit brought after the end of the American Civil War by some businessm…

A History of the Great War, Volume One

Read by DavidReader

John Buchan

This is the first of a four-volume history of the First World War, covering the period from its outbreak in the summer of 1914 to the campai…

With The American Ambulance Field Service In France; Personal Letters Of A Driv…

Read by David Wales

Leslie Buswell

This 1915 publication collects letters written by a driver for the American ambulance service. The incidents they relate occurred before the…

Bismarck and the Origin of the German Empire

Read by Pamela Nagami

Sir Frederick Maurice Powicke

Despite its brevity, this Little Blue Book #142 by the Oxford historian, Sir F.M. Powicke, provides a valuable overview of the political his…

The Romance Of Modern Sieges; Describing The Personal Adventures, Resource And …

Read by David Wales

Edward Gilliat

Lively narratives of some of the great siege battles of war. The book was written before World War I, in 1908. Some of the narratives contai…

The Story of Gladstone's Life

Read by Pamela Nagami

Justin Mccarthy

William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898), four times Prime Minister of Great Britain, dominated the Liberal Party for thirty years, but ultimatel…

The Age of Elizabeth

Read by Pamela Nagami

Mandell Creighton

This short history by the eminent British historian, Mandell Creighton, places Elizabeth and her reign within the context of 16th century Eu…

A Soldier's Diary

Read by David Wales

Ralph Scott

This 1923 memoir of a World War I soldier (Royal Engineer and hand-to-hand combatant) is a well written much respected first-hand account of…

Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States : p…

Read by David Olson

Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin, Baron Von Steuben

More commonly know as "The Blue Book" written by "Baron von Steuben" this publication was key to organizing the young Am…

Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence

Read by Jim Locke

Alice Dunbar Nelson

It seems eminently fitting and proper in this year, the fiftieth anniversary of the Proclamation of Emancipation that the Negro should give …

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