War & Military

The British Soldier: His Courage And Humour

Read by David Wales

Edward John Hardy

The Reverend Edward John Hardy, ordained in the Church Of Ireland, was a chaplain in the British army for thirty one years. His 1915 collec…

The Life of Frederick William von Steuben

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Friedrich Kapp

The Life of Frederick William Von Steuben: Major General in the Revolutionary Army - tells the story of Baron Steuben, who had been an offic…

Speeches of Prince Bismarck, Part 2

Read by Alister

Otto Von Bismarck

A collection of Bismarck’s speeches translated by art historian Edmund von Mach and published in 1914 as part of THE GERMAN CLASSICS—an exte…

France, Spain and the Rif, Part 2

Read by Alister

Walter Burton Harris

The Guerra del Rif—the Rif War. 1921 to 1926. It was the slogging bloody 5-year long climax of Spain’s effort to secure dominion over a terr…

Yanks - A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Forces) Verse from WWI

Read by John Greenman


Introduced by Stars and Stripes editor, John T. Winterich (1891-1970) this is a compilation of poetry by members of the American Expeditiona…

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