Young Adult Literature

Killgloom Park

Read by Maria Therese

Neil Boyton, S. J.

Join Angelo Daily and his chums during a fun filled summer at Killgloom Park, a Coney Island, New York amusement park in the 1930's. A runaw…

The Nut Heist

Read by Trisha M. Wilson

Trisha M. Wilson

Lord Zenith has a plan: Make the subjects of Aquerna, the squirrel kingdom ruled over by his cousin, Queen Lucina, believe that winter is fa…

Brenda, Her School and Her Club

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Helen Leah Reed

"Brenda was used to getting her own way. Her parents and older sisters spoiled her, her friends followed her lead, servants obeyed her,…

The Glugs of Gosh

Read by Chris Goringe

C. J. Dennis

First published in 1917, The Glugs of Gosh satirizes Australian life at the start of the twentieth century - but the absurdities it catalogs…

Max Quick 2: The Two Travelers

Read by Mark Jeffrey

Mark Jeffrey

Five quiet years have passed in Starland, California since the the time of the Pocket. But when a crazed old man shows up with a warning, Ma…

Cutlass and Cudgel

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

George Manville Fenn

Based around the crew of cutter HMS White Hawk, this is a tale of smuggling in the early 19th century off the coast of Wessex. The midshipma…

Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection 003

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

In LibriVox’s Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection, LibriVox volunteers read their favourite public-domain fairy tales. This is a collection o…

The Story of Scraggles

Read by Tom Weiss

George Wharton James

"I was only a little baby song-sparrow, and from the moment I came out of my shell everybody knew there was something the matter with m…

Summer Surprise

Read by Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

Philip 'Norvaljoe' Carroll

Chad is in love with Amy. He knows it now, but isn't sure how to deal with it. It's summer vacation before starting high school. Chad has r…

Slovenly Betsy

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Heinrich Hoffmann

Hienrich Hoffmann was a German psychiatrist and doctor. He had written poetry and sketches for his son, and was persuaded to have a collecti…

Fowl Play

Read by Trisha M. Wilson

Trisha M. Wilson

The Black Eastern Chipmunk Squad has a new member. Elgar is straight off of the bunny sleigh and has always wanted to be a secret agent…

Willem Roda

Read by Anna Simon

Eli Heimans

Het leven van Willem Roda, zoon van een rijke Amsterdamse bankier, verandert drastisch als zijn vader plotseling al zijn geld verliest. Er v…

Lift Off !

Read by Kelly Clous

Kelly Clous

Lift Off is the ultimate game - a game of strength, speed, strategy, and teamwork! After several intense competitions, a seventh grader, Kyl…

Tartarin of Tarascon

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Alphonse Daudet

The story tells the burlesque adventures of Tartarin, a local hero of Tarascon, a small town in southern France, whose invented adventures a…

Zorra Boys at Home and Abroad, or, How to Succeed

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

William Alexander MacKay

By Zorra, in the following sketches, is meant a little district in Oxford county, Ontario, some ten miles square, composed of part of East a…

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