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To a Friend on Recovery from Illness.

In Forty-One Letters on Religious Subjects

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John Newton

Among the excellences which appear in all the published letters of Newton, we may mention:In the first place, the grand design — the high an…

Christ’s Gracious Invitation (Matthew 11:28)

In Practical Sermons

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Archibald Alexander

The sermons contain what the author believes to be evangelical truth, in the exhibition of which, his aim has been to render the gospel pers…

Exodus Chapter 2

In Exodus from The Self-Interpreting Bible

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John Brown

Contains a history of one hundred and forty-five years, and therein exhibits the fulfilment of God's promises to the patriarchs, in the mult…

Private Prayers for the Morning and Evening and for Other Times of the Day

In The Reformation Collection Volume 4

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John Bradford

This volume of the Reformation collection has a particular focus on the works of Zacharias Ursinus, writer of the Heidelberg Catechism. It a…

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