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A Dissertation on the Inspiration of the New Testament

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Philip Doddridge

Doddridge defines 'inspiration' and explains in what sense the New Testament writers are self-aware in their claim to it and the logical inc…


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Benjamin B. Warfield

This extensive dictionary entry on the biblical definition of faith was originally published in A Dictionary of the Bible, edited by James H…

Lectures on Butler's Analogy

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Thomas Chalmers

Thomas Chalmers had read, when a young man, several infidel productions. Their semblance of logic and learning, and supercilious confidence …

The Age of the Puritans, Volume 3

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This volume of Age of the Puritans contains a wide diversity of writers and topics from the later 16th and 17th centuries. Not all would ide…

Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism

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Zacharias Ursinus

These lectures present a complete exposition of all the leading doctrines of the Christian religion in a most concise and simple form, adapt…

Preparations for Sufferings

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John Flavel

That sufferings, both bodily and mental, are the lot of humanity, the testimony of scripture and reason abundantly confirm. But whatever may…

The Heart of Christ in Heaven towards Sinners on Earth

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Thomas Goodwin

A Treatise demonstrating the Gracious Disposition and Tender Affection of Christ, in his Human Nature now in Glory, unto his Members, under …

Forty-One Letters on Religious Subjects

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John Newton

Among the excellences which appear in all the published letters of Newton, we may mention:In the first place, the grand design — the high an…

The History of the Church of Christ: Century IV

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Joseph Milner

It is certain, that from our Saviour's time to the present, there have ever been persons whose dispositions and lives have been formed by th…

Theophilus or Love Divine

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Pierre Du Moulin

A treatise containing five degrees, five marks, five aids, of the love of God. - Summary from title page

A Breviate of the Life of Margaret Baxter

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Richard Baxter

A breviate of the life of Margaret, the daughter of Francis Charlton, of apply in Shropshire, esq. and wife of Richard Baxter. For the use o…

The Gospel of the Incarnation

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Benjamin B. Warfield

Two sermons preached in the chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary, October 9, 1892 and January 8, 1893 to the students of Princeton Semin…

A Spiritual Antidote against Sinful Contagion in Dying Times

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Thomas Doolittle

A cordial for believers in dying times with a corrosive for wicked men in dying times at first written as a letter to private friends in dai…

A Booke of Christian Questions and Answers

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Theodore Beza

A book of Christian questions and answers wherein are set forth the chief points of the Christian religion. A work right necessary and profi…

The Revelation of Law in Scripture

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Patrick Fairbain

The subject of 'The Revelation of Law in Scripture' is profoundly important at all times, but especially in the present day, when it is brou…

The Troubled Man's Medicine

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William Hugh

In two books, the one comforting a man being in trouble, adversity, or sickness; the other to teach a man to die both patiently and gladly v…

Discourses on the Christian Revelation Viewed in Connection with the Modern Ast…

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Thomas Chalmers

The astronomical objection against the truth of the Gospel, does not occupy a very prominent place in any of our Treatises of Infidelity. It…

Exposition of the Seventeenth Chapter of the Gospel by St John

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Martin Luther

These my homilies concerning the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ, which St. John has delivered down to us in his seventeenth chapter, I not …

Conciliatory or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies Agitated in Britai…

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Hermann Witsius

The Antinomian-Neonomian controversy of the 17th century was initiated by the republication of a set of sermons by Tobias Crisp entitled &qu…

The Incomparableness of God

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George Swinnock

The Incomparableness of God, in His Being, Attributes, Works, and Word"For who in the heavens can be compared to the Lord? who among th…

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