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Conciliatory or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies Agitated in Britai…

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Hermann Witsius

The Antinomian-Neonomian controversy of the 17th century was initiated by the republication of a set of sermons by Tobias Crisp entitled &qu…

The Power of God unto Salvation

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Benjamin B. Warfield

The sermons included in this volume have all been preached in the chapel of the theological seminary at Princeton. - Summary by Cover Page

Commentary on Hebrews Chapter 8

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John Owen

I should rejoice if any of you felt emboldened on . my advice to grapple with a work so ponderous as Owen’s Commentary on that Epistle - a l…

The Revelation of Law in Scripture

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Patrick Fairbain

The subject of 'The Revelation of Law in Scripture' is profoundly important at all times, but especially in the present day, when it is brou…

Christus Consolator: Words for Hearts in Trouble

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Handley Carr Glyn Moule

This book is intended principally to remind those whose hearts the European War has stricken of the hope and comfort which lie ready for the…

Christianity in the 18th and 19th Century, Volume 3

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This volume has a particular focus on the doctrine of God, the covenants, gospel ministry, archaeology and the raising of children. - Summar…

The B. B. Warfield Collection, Volume 5

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Benjamin B. Warfield

This volume of the B.B. Warfield collection has a particular focus on articles on humanity, emotional terminology in the Bible and book revi…

On Subjects Connected with the Christian Ministry

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Richard Cecil

A collection of brief observations about the Christian ministry, grouped thematically. "On my first intercourse with Mr. Cecil, now u…

Homiletics: Classification of Divisions

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William Paxton

This lecture comes from Paxton's Homiletics (preaching) class at Princeton Seminary. The 'classification of divisions' refers to different s…

The Advent

In Christmas Short Works Collection 2022

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Benjamin B. Warfield

The 2022 Christmas collection brings some old favourites along with some new selections, from the traditional to the bizarre. Among the sele…


In To My Younger Brethren

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Handley Moule and Handley Carr Glyn Moule

Let me explain in this first sentence that when in these pages I address "my Younger Brethren," I mean brethren in the Christian M…

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