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A Prairie-Schooner Princess

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Mary Katherine Maule

The story of a Quaker family's journey from Ohio to Nebraska beginning in 1856. They encounter a mystery which leaves them an orphan girl wh…

The Postmaster's Daughter

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Louis Tracy

A charming mystery story set in the early 1900s which is as much about the townspeople, sleuths and othercolorful characters as it is about …

When a Man Marries

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Mary Roberts Rinehart

A divorced playboy hosts a dinner party complete with a stand in wife to placate his aunt who financially supports him. When his chef is hos…

The Yellow House

Read by Sharon Kilmer

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Vicar and his two daughters move to a small, quiet country village and soon learn that their neighbor in the yellow house holds secrets that…

The Mystery of the Sycamore

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Carolyn Wells

Instead of prison time, former governor, Samuel Appleby, sentences his former rival, Daniel Wheeler to imprisonment on his homestead with a …

Red Money

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Fergus Hume

Greed and lost love collide to create dark secrets. Through twists and turns, corrupt aristocrats let family and honor overshadow love and t…

Timothy Crump's Ward

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Horatio Alger, Jr.

A poor family is surprised with an infant on their doorstep on New Year’s Eve with a note and monetary support requesting them to raise the …

The Lost Parchment

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Fergus Hume

Murder and mayhem turn a quiet English village on its head. Complete with twists and turns that will keep you entertained til the very end. …

Her Dark Inheritance

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Mrs. E. Burke Collins

A story of obsessive love and desperation that hid many secrets. This cliffhanger will keep you guessing until the very end. Summary by Shar…

Nancy Brandon's Mystery

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Lilian C. Garis

Nancy spends the summer with a cousin she hardly knows who has a friend who seems to be a bad influence.Secrets, jealousy and bitterness fil…

The Sacred Herb

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Fergus Hume

A rich playboy comes home from travels abroad and is bully-ragged by his eccentric aunt into finding meaning for his life. This he does by h…

Sleeping Fires

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Gertrude Atherton

The story of a love so strong that neither the rigid rules of Society in California in the 1800s nor the very bowels of hell could keep a yo…

The House Opposite

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Elizabeth Kent

While trying to escape the heat, a doctor witnesses some strange behavior of his neighbors. Suddenly, everyone and no one become suspects in…

The Nomad of the Nine Lives

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Abby Frances Friebe

Tales of a cat's life told by the cat in hopes of saving cats from death by animal shelters or abandonment. (Summary by Sharon Kilmer)

Puss in Boots

In The Fairy Book

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Dinah Maria Mulock Craik

The sleeping beauty in the wood -- Hop-O'-My-Thumb -- Cinderella; or, the little glass slipper -- Adventures of John Dietrich -- Beauty and …