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Chps 46-51

In Bible (DRV) Apocrypha/Deuterocanon: Wisdom of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)

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Douay-Rheims Version

The Book of Ecclesiasticus is preceded by a prologue which professes to be the work of the Greek translator of the original Hebrew and the g…

Chapters 1-5

In Bible (DRV) Apocrypha/Deuterocanon: Book of Tobit (Tobias) (Version 2)

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Douay-Rheims Version (DRV) and Douay-Rheims Version

This book tells the story of Tobit (Tobias), an Israelite, living in Nineveh after the northern tribes of Israel had been deported to Assyri…

Chapters 1-5

In The Book of Judith

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King James Version

The Book of Judith is included in the Septuagint (the Greek form of the Old Testament) and has been retained in Catholic and Orthodox Christ…

Book I

In Constitutions of the Holy Apostles (Books 1 to 3)

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The Apostolic Constitutions are made up of eight treatises on Early Christian discipline, worship, and doctrine, which was intended to act a…

Homily 2: 1 Tim 1:5-11

In St. John Chrysostom on 1 Timothy

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St. John Chrysostom

Timothy was one of the disciples of the Apostle Paul, who had a deep affection for him, writing, "You know the proof of him, that as a …

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