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The Passing of the Great Race

Read by Jim Locke

Madison Grant

The rapidly growing appreciation of the importance of race during the last few years, the study of the influence of race on nationality as s…

William Lloyd Garrison, the Abolitionist

Read by Jim Locke

Archibald Grimké

"THE author of this volume desires . . . to say . . . that it is his earnest hope that this record of a hero may be an aid to brave and…

The Life of Washington, Volume 4

Read by Jim Locke

John James Marshall

This fourth volume covers the final battles and the peace conditions of the war, Washington at home, Washington as first President, and the …

The Fortunes of Nigel

Read by Jim Locke

Sir Walter Scott

During the turbulent moment in English history involving King James 1 and 6, Nigel Olifaunt, a Scottish lord, seeks to protect his family ho…

Sree Krishna, The Lord of Love

Read by Jim Locke

Baba Premanand Bharati

I beg to present this my humble work to the English reader. It is the history of the Universe from its birth to its dissolution. I have expl…

The Gift of Black Folk: The Negroes in the Making of America

Read by Jim Locke

W. E. B. Du Bois

This essay is an attempt to set forth more clearly than has hitherto been done the effect which the Negro has had upon American life. Its th…

Savage Holiday

Read by Jim Locke

Richard Wright

Savage Holiday is an unforgettable story--a high tension drama that throbs with suspense and shows the reader what it's like to be Erskine F…

Sowing and Reaping

Read by Jim Locke

Frances E. W. Harper

This novel is subtitled A Temperance Story, which identifies explicitly the focus of the work. Frances Harper is a Christian moralist and us…

Wild Bird Guests

Read by Jim Locke

Ernest Baynes

How to entertain them; with chapters on the destruction of birds, their economic and aesthetic values, suggestions for dealing with their en…

Finding a Way Out: An Autobiography

Read by Jim Locke

Robert R. Moton

He says about this work: "I have tried to record the events that have given character and colour to my own life, and at the same time t…

The Negro

Read by Jim Locke

W. E. B. Du Bois

Nevertheless, I have not been able to withstand the temptation to essay such short general statement of the main known facts and their fair …

True Love: A Story of English Domestic Life

Read by Jim Locke

Sarah Farro

The author is aware that she is entering a field which has been diligently cultivated by the best minds in Europe and America. Her design in…

Walker's Appeal

Read by Jim Locke

David Walker

The Appeal grabbed readers’ attention in as dramatic a manner as Walker could have possibly imagined. In her book, Maria W. Stewart and the …

William The Outlaw (Abridged)

Read by Jim Locke

Richmal Crompton

This 1927 abridged book contains seven of the ten hilarious adventures by the world's most misunderstood eleven-year-old English boy. - Summ…

The Primitive

Read by Jim Locke

Chester Himes

A nerve-twisting novel of passion and destruction (Summary by a literary critic)

Fact Stranger than Fiction

Read by Jim Locke

John Patterson Green

I desire, to place before the colored youth, of my class, another concrete proof of the fact that, even in the United States, where the hand…

Discoveries: Essays in Literary Criticism

Read by Jim Locke

John Middleton Murry

Introductory Note: I have called these essays and lectures by a title that some people may think presumptuous: first, because it is the titl…

Charles Sumner, The Scholar in Politics

Read by Jim Locke

Archibald Grimké

In the two volumes assigned to him in the American Reformer Series, viz., the "Life of William Lloyd Garrison, the Abolitionist," …

Historical Romance of the American Negro

Read by Jim Locke

Charles H. Fowler

It was not long before the fame of the colored soldiers of America was wafted over the whole world and everywhere received by all lovers of …

Black No More

Read by Jim Locke

George Schuyler

Being an account of the strange and wonderful workings of science in the land of the free, A.D. 1933-1940. (Summary by author)

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