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Hans of Iceland

Read by Sonia

Victor Hugo

Hans of Iceland was written in 1821 and is the very first novel written by young Victor, years before he became the great Hugo. It has all t…

The Seen and the Unseen

Read by Sonia

Richard Marsh

Is it true that people can literally be scared to death ? Is it possible to photograph astral projections ? What happens if you play with a …

ABC: Petits Contes

Read by Sonia

Jules Lemaître

Jules Lemaître était un auteur qui aimait beaucoup les enfants. Pour préparer ce livre, il passait une grande partie de …

Auriol, or The Elixir of Life

Read by Sonia

William Harrison Ainsworth

If you stumble upon the elixir of life, which provides you with eternal life, youth and health, then it's rather a bad idea to spoil this gr…

The Yellow Face

Read by Sonia

Fred M. White

Who is Nostalgo ? Posters with his unsettlingly grinning face are appearing on scaffolds all over London. A murdered body, horribly disf…

The House of Orchids and Other Poems

Read by Sonia

George Sterling

This is a 1911 volume of poems by California poet George Sterling. Sterling was a particularly celebrated poet during his life time in Calif…

Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance

Read by Sonia

Lucy Allen Paton

In this doctoral dissertation, author Lucy Allen Paton (1865-1951), an alumna of Radcliffe College, takes a scholarly look at the role of Mo…

Ghosts and Things

In Billie Bradley and Her Inheritance

Read by SoniaKallen

Janet D. Wheeler

Billie Bradley fell heir to an old homestead that was unoccupied and located far away in a lonely section of the country. How Billie went th…

A Christmas Carol

In Christmas Short Works Collection 2022

Read by SoniaLibriVox1

Christina Rossetti

The 2022 Christmas collection brings some old favourites along with some new selections, from the traditional to the bizarre. Among the sele…

The character of Atticus

In Short Poetry Collection 182

Read by Sonia

Alexander Pope

This is a collection of 41 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for July 2018.

An epistle to Joseph Hill, Esq.

In Short Poetry Collection 208

Read by Sonia

William Cowper

This is a collection of 67 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for September 2020.

09 - Abschnitt 09

In Der Trotzkopf

Read by Sonia

Emmy Von Rhoden

Die 15-jährige Ilse Macket lebt auf dem Gut Moosdorf in Pommern und wächst nach dem Tod der Mutter wild und ohne jede Erziehung au…