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Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Daniel Defoe

The full title of the novel is Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress Or, a History of the Life and Vast Variety of Fortunes of Mademoiselle de Bele…

The Case of Wagner / Nietzsche Contra Wagner / Selected Aphorisms

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Friedrich Nietzsche

A collection of three of Nietzsche's writings concerning the music of Wagner. In particular, he relates Wagner's music as degenerate, unrefi…

A Tale of a Tub

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Jonathan Swift

A Tale of a Tub was the first major work written by Jonathan Swift, composed between 1694 and 1697, that was eventually published in 1704. I…

Drugging a Nation

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Samuel Merwin and Samuel Merwin, Sr.

Drugging a Nation is a journalistic reveal of the extent to which the British Empire was culpable in the dissemination and subsequent near t…

The Singing Bone or The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke

Read by Edmund Bloxam

R. Austin Freeman

In its original form, this book was published with the title, "The Singing Bone." It was later republished as "The Adventures…

The Black-Bearded Barbarian

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Mary Esther Miller Macgregor

A fictionalized biography of George Mackay (1844-1901), an influential Presbyterian missionary in northern Taiwan. (Summary by Edmund Bloxam…

Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Edward Baxter Perry

A look at the poetic motivations behind certain piano works. An understanding of these pieces on purely poetic grounds, with little insight …

Great Explorers in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. I)

Read by Edmund Bloxam


‘The Pioneer’ by Irving E. Cox The greatest explorer of them all returns to Earth and finds the world upside down!‘Flight Perilous’ by Ray C…

Catherine De' Medici

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Honoré de Balzac

The Philosophical Studies from The Human Comedy (La Comedie Humaine) are a series of works that are intended as a reflection on history in p…

Nine Sci-fi Stories by Poul Anderson

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Poul William Anderson

'Industrial Revolution': Workers in a distant miner's facility plot emancipation from Earth. The military might have some say in the matter.…

Battles for the Stars (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. III)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Ray Bradbury, Arnold Castle, Dave Dryfoos, Harry Harrison, L. Ron Hubbard, Ivar Jorgensen, H. Beam Piper, Michael Shaara, Robert Sheckley and William Tenn

I: ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ by Robert SheckleyThe alien ambassador MUST not return to their planet to tell of Earth; humanity has no chance ag…

Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Ella Cheever Thayer

A telegraph operator meets a mysterious stranger 'on the wire'. Throw in the most clumsy gent in literature, a stern matron, an actress with…

Fevers and Physicians in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. II)

Read by Edmund Bloxam


I: ‘Pandemic’ by Jesse F. BoneA deadly pandemic consumes the world (blah blah blah - you know the rest). If only THAT was the cure to the re…

Dastardly Criminals in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. IV)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Paul W. Fairman, Randall Garrett, Tom Godwin, Ivar Jorgensen, Stephen Marlowe, James V. McConnell, Frederik Pohl, James H. Schmitz, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg and Manly Wade Wellman

Conspiracy on Callisto - Frederik PohlRevolt was flaring on Callisto, and Peter Duane held the secret that would make the uprising a success…

Bizarre (version 2)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Lawton Mackall

A series of humorous musings, short-length jokes, often concerning words and manners. - Summary by Edmund Bloxam

Lover or Friend

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Rosa Nouchette Carey

An epic tale of romantic and societal confrontation, as two families become far more intimately entangled than they could have previously im…

Stupendous Spectacles of the Solar System in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol.…

Read by Edmund Bloxam


'The Frogs of Mars' by Roger D AycockThe little guy comes into the bar just as the first Marscast is about to start. He scoffs at scientific…

In Colonial Days

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Nathaniel Hawthorne

A collection of British aristocrats, soldiers, gentlemen and ladies gather at the Province House inn, as the American imperial possessions c…

The Heart of Hyacinth

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Onoto Watanna

An abandoned young white woman dies with a baby in her arms in rural Japan. The child is raised by a Japanese woman. This child sees herself…

Mists of Mars

Read by Edmund Bloxam

George A. Whittington

The Wild West, reimagined as the Martian landscape, where law is defined by whoever has the biggest weapons, be they guns, ships, or things …

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